JX9 Scripting Engine

An Embeddable Scripting Engine

Distinctive Features of Jx9.

The following page enumerates distinctive features of the Jx9 Scripting Engine and the Jx9 Programming Language.

Feature of the jx9 Scripting Engine.

Feature of the jx9 Programming Language.

Useful links to start with.

Jx9 In 5 Minutes Or Less

Gives a high-level overview on the how to embed Jx9 in a host application with working examples implemented in C.
An Introduction To The Jx9 C/C++ Interface
Gives an overview and roadmap to the C/C++ interface to Jx9.
The Jx9 Programming Language

The Jx9 programming language reference manual.

Get a copy of the last public release of the Jx9 scripting engine, start embedding and enjoy programming with.
Online Community Support
Need some help, join the Jx9 online community.

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